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Clips and extracts from his work as a television producer and director.   Mark is filming "Modern Dinosaurs" at the moment for the Discovery Channel.

Big Finish

Gardens Of The Dead - a Short Trip adventure is available for download - click to buy at £2.99

Doctor Who Magazine Review.

Photographs from public appearances and many of his television roles. 
New - two fan photographs from 1983!


The Memory Bank & Other Stories is biw available from Big Finish!  Either as a CD or download.  Four Five/Turlough stories.  In the words of Chris Chapman:
"It turns out, Turlough is great fun to write for. As a character, he doesn’t seem to recognise that this show is called Doctor Who and not Vislor Turlough. He carries himself as an intellectual equal to the Doctor – but one who can be selfish in all sorts of delightful ways. He’s always interesting, never just ‘nice’, so a bit of a gift to write for – things just naturally seem to happen to him."

We're in for a treat, guys!

Clips from some of his roles and convention appearances.


Trading Cards, Doctor Who Cookbook recipes,  replay Turlough's chess game with Tegan from Enlightenment, fold your own Turlough...