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Clips and extracts from his work as a television producer and director.   Mark is working on a new documentary on volcanoes for the Discovery Channel.  His last series, "Modern Dinosaurs" is available on the Discovery Channel website.

Big Finish

Trap For Fools 

A new Turlough adventure (set in a school) to be released July 2018.  It's now available for pre-order!


Photographs from public appearances and many of his television roles. 


London Comic Con 29th July

Mark visited the UK in July.  Photographs now available  He is hoping to come back to the UK around September 2018, and intending to record for Big Finish.  He has finished recording "Modern Dinosaurs" for the Discovery Channel and has started work on a documentary about volcanoes.

Clips from some of his roles and convention appearances.  


Trading Cards, Doctor Who Cookbook recipes, replay Turlough's chess game with Tegan from Enlightenment, fold your own Turlough...


Private Signing

No UK appearances arranged at the moment, but if you want Mark to sign a photograph for you (or anything else!) then get in touch with Tenth Planet Events by 24th January. 

Regeneration Who 4 - Mark is pencilled in at a Baltimore event, 23rd - 25th March.  With Peter Davison and Janet Fielding also attending it's a must for fans of the Five era!

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Trap For Fools update

Tenth Planet Private Signing

Regeneration Who 4 event