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Happy New Year to everyone!  The year kicks off in fine style, with three new Big Finish Turlough stories, to be released from January to March.   Set somewhere between The King's Demons and Resurrection of the Daleks, these new stories include Kamelion as an extra companion, with the March story giving him (it?) an origin story.   Here's the trailer from the January release, Devil in the Mist!

Clips and extracts from his work as a television producer and director.   Mark is making a new documentary on volcanoes for the Discovery Channel.  

Big Finish

Mark has recorded more Turlough adventures for the BF Main range - 

Devil In The Mist - January

Black Thursday/ Power Game - February

The Kamelion Empire - March

 All available on CD or download.

Photographs from public appearances and many of his television roles.  Here's Mark at RADA!

A new Bluray version of Peter Davison's first season is available - Mark wasn't in the first season but he is on the special features, sitting on a sofa discussing the series - can't wait for season 20!

Clips from some of his roles and convention appearances.  


Trading Cards, Doctor Who Cookbook recipes, replay Turlough's chess game with Tegan from Enlightenment, fold your own Turlough...

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