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A Happy Christmas to all our visitors!  Tis the season to be jolly and watch Mark's film "A Christmas Carol", also starring George C.Scott.  It's the definitive version!  (Though the Muppets come a close second!)

His latest documentary, on volcano eruptions,  Dual Destruction, is available on the Smithsonian channel.
Mark is currently in the UK, producing Rich House, Poor House, the reality show where two families from opposite ends of the financial spectrum swap homes and budgets.  Catch the latest episode on Channel Five, Thursdays at 9pm.

Big Finish

Mark has recorded more Turlough adventures for the BF Main range - 

Devil In The Mist 

Black Thursday/ Power Game 

The Kamelion Empire 

 All available on CD or download.  Also with; The Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Kamelion!

And just released  - Nightmare Country by Stephen Gallagher - one of the Lost Stories!

Photographs from public appearances and many of his television roles.  Here's Mark at RADA!

A new Bluray version of Peter Davison's first season is available - Mark wasn't in this season but he is on the special features, sitting on a sofa discussing the series.  The Blu Ray special collector's edition of Season 20 is in the planning stage - Mark says he has been invited on a trip to Amsterdam for the Arc of Infinity reunion (even though he wasn't in that one!) Season 20 is, of course, the one where Vislor Turlough made his first appearance.

Clips from some of his roles and convention appearances.  


Trading Cards, Doctor Who Cookbook recipes, replay Turlough's chess game with Tegan from Enlightenment, fold your own Turlough...

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Big Finish full cast recordings

Timelash, Kassel,  Oct 12/13

The Kamelion Empire now released

Mark's in the UK this month!

Sci Fi By The Sea announced.

Nightmare Country coming in Nov.

An Evening With Mark Strickson - Derby 18th October

An Evening with Mark Strickson and Nicola Bryant 22nd Sept

Gloucester Geekmania 5/6 October

Mark's tour continues - VWORP2

New dates in Australia and LA

                     Nightmare Country

Out Now!  A Big Finish Lost Story by Stephen Gallagher, best-selling author and writer of Terminus!  It was Stephen's pitch for Season 21, rejected with a note saying:  "You’ve sent us another million-dollar movie and we just can’t do them."