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                                      2018 Appearances

                                                                        Chiswick, Saturday 21st July

Mark is appearing at this event for Fantom Films - together with many other familiar faces from classic Who.  A limited number of tickets are still available, entry £10.  Please note, Mark is scheduled to appear mid afternoon, signing 15.00 - 16.30 (autographs £10)

Baltimore, 23rd-25th March.  

This quietly became the Fifth Doctor convention of the century, boasting a line up of Mark, Peter Davison, Sarah Sutton, Janet Fielding, Nicola Bryant and Matthew Waterhouse.  All they needed was a cardboard cut-out of Kamelion in the background..  Hope they do it all again next year, in Newcastle.

                                                         2017 Appearances

Mark's first appearance with Peter Davison for some years, photographs now available!

                                     2016 Appearances

Mark was a guest at the event which celebrated 40 years of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society.

He appeared on stage with Nicola Bryant for a "Planet of Fire" reunion that dished the dirt on Lanzarote!

Thanks to the DWAS and guests for a great day, photographs from the event have been posted up here.


Mark appeared at the Birmingham Comic Con on Saturday 19th March as a guest of Fantom Films, together with other stars of Doctor Who, Red Dwarf and Sleepy Hollow.

Mark came to the Sheffield "Valiant" event on Saturday 5th March. 

His stage panel, with Jim Findley from "Resurrection of the Daleks" covered his experiences as a natural history producer, with advice on surviving attacks by crocodiles, elephants and polar bears!

He had spent the last few days filming at a truckstop for a reality TV programme but still spent hours signing autographs and meeting fans of the show.  Photographs here

Awaiting photographs

                                                2015 Appearance

Mark appeared at the 10th Planet "Dimensions" convention on October 17th, his first appearance at the event since 2009 sporting a "Warriors of the Deep" haircut.  There were long queues for signings, photographs and a stage panel with Sarah Sutton.  Here's some footage from the stage show that was uploaded by Whoogle, including a demonstration of how Anthony Ainley used to fall down!

                                             2014 Appearances

Dunedin March 2014

Fantom Films 22/06/14

Timewarp, Weston Super Mare, 05/07/14

(Thanks to Kasterborous for the photograph, also there's a review of the convention here.

Who at Hilbre 28/06/14

Fans Like Us event organised by the Wirral Doctor Who group.

Also with Colin Baker, Terry Molloy, Colin Spaull, Bernard Holley and many more.