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Mark Strickson Fan Site

Trading Cards

We are still waiting for the 6-inch figure but other items are available; trading cards, first-day covers and more. Click to view details of what's out there and how much you can expect to pay.

Light Brown Apple Moth

The light brown apple moth ( Epiphyas postvittana). While studying on his zoology degree (he got a first!) Mark wrote his dissertation on its over-wintering habits of the light brown apple moth (Epiphyas postvittana) His thesis was published in the Australian Journal of Ecology. (I used to have it as a background but it all looked too "Silence of the Lambs")

Chess Game From "Enlightenment"

In episode one of "Enlightenment" Turlough and Tegan are playing chess in the console room...

White (Turlough) to move

Bishop to A3 checking Tegan's black king. The game was interrupted by the White Guardian. So who would have won? Turlough,obviously. He had a rook advantage and a huge Trion brain. No wonder Tegan wandered off...

Fold Your Own Turlough

For best results use card but the paper version is surprisingly sturdy.

Titbits, 1983

An extract from a popular eighties magazine!

Original Character Outline


JN-T's character outline for Turlough - as we all know he started out as a blond but got upgraded to ginger!

Mark was a 22 year old playing a 20 year old who was pretending to be a teenager. No wonder Turlough was complicated!

Turlough's Timeline

A list of all the Turlough adventures in order, including the television series, Big Finish audios and novels. At a rough estimate there are around sixty hours' worth so far!


Two recipes Mark contributed to

"The Doctor Who Cookbook"

Turlough’s Rolls

Serves 4 people


8 thin slices or sirloin beef

8 thin slices of ham

4 cloves of garlic

8 thin slices of salami

4 oz/113g raisins

2 oz/56g Parmesan cheese

6 tbs/7½ tbs/120g chopped parsley

Grated nutmeg

Grated oregano


Black pepper

1 bottle red wine


If not bought prepared, place each slice of beef between sheets of greaseproof paper and flatten with a rolling pin. Then cover the beef slices with a slice of ham and spread with crushed garlic. Finally chop the skinned salami into fine pieces and blend with the cheese, parsley, nutmeg and oregano. Add the salt and pepper to taste. Divide this equally over the beef and ham slices.

Fold over the long sides and roll up the slices. Tie the parcels with string. Place the rolls in a buttered ovenproof dish, and pour over the wine to cover them. Now leave them for at least two hours, preferably longer.

Pre-heat the over to about 315°F, 190°C (Gas Mark 5) and cook for 45 minutes, or longer depending on how you like your beef cooked. Serve with a green salad, cold French green beans, with lemon juice and pepper over them, and plenty of garlic bread to mop up the delicious juices.

One O’Clock Salad

Serves 2 people

(‘A quiet snack for the lunchtime when you have missed the morning and wish that the afternoon was not there either)


1 Chinese lettuce (or any crisp lettuce)

Fresh hard tomatoes

4 oz/113g bacon strips (remove the rind)

3 eggs

Salt and pepper

1 oz/28g unsalted butter

3 0z (85g) walnut halves

Vinaigrette (2 parts oil and 1 part lemon juice, salt and pepper)


First put the oven on low. Heat the grill for the bacon.

1) Prepare the lettuce and the tomatoes in a bowl cutting the lettuce into mouth-sized pieces. This could be done to the tomatoes as well. (Do this as quietly and humanely as possible.)

2) Grill the bacon strips until they are well crisped (but not burned), and put them into the oven to keep warm.

3) Beat the eggs (gently), and add the salt and pepper and also a tablespoon of water.

4) Melt the butter in an omelette pan, add the egg and cook by easing the omelette away from the edge of the pan allowing the uncooked egg to run into the resulting crevasse.

5) When well cooked slide out of the pan onto a large plate and cut into strips.

6) Dress the salad with the vinaigrette dressing at the last moment, and scatter the nuts on the top of it, then the bacon pieces, and finally arrange the omelette strips on individual plates if so desired, or on one large plate.