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Trading Cards & Collectables

Trading cards, figures and first-day covers... here's what's available and what you can expect to pay.

Topps Trading Card 2015

Blue Parallel Card, No. 49 Vislor Turlough

Available for around £2.

Doctor Who MMG Character Card Game

Around £3 - £5.

Topps Autograph Card 2015

A rarity as the signature is missing the tie!

Expect to pay around £30.

Topps Trading Cards 2015

Red Parallel Card - No. 49 Vislor Turlough

There is also a purple variant - expect to pay around £8.

Topps Trading Cards 2013

No. 17 Vislor Turlough

Widely available at around £2.

Strictly Ink 2001

Card 100: A Roundhead Grapples Turlough.

Also available is Card 99: Turlough and the Doctor examine a transmit capsule.

This one was around £15, as signed.

Doctor Who Definitive Series 2 AU10

Mark Strickson.  Around £15.

1995 Doctor Who Series Two  No. 188 Vislor Turlough  Available around £2 - signed around £15.
Danbury Mint Expansion Chess Piece - Turlough as Red Knight.  Available for around £40.
Harlequin Miniatures small metal 1997 figure.Around £5-£10, sometimes offered pre-painted at around £20.
Fine Art Castings, pewter figures produced from 1984 - sometimes offered pre-painted as per the instructions!  Around £10 - £15.
First Day Cover signed by Mark Strickson, limited to 500 and franked with the release date of the Doctor Who stamps.  Available for around £15.