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Mark Strickson Fan Site

Latest News

The King's Demons

2nd February - It was announced in Doctor Who Magazine that Mark has recorded an unabridged reading of Terence Dudley's novelisation of the King's Demons - the CD of the book of the TV series!

It runs for around five hours and is due for release 5th May. This one will be interesting as there is a lot more room for characterisation within the novel, (remember The King's Demons was only a two-parter) and Mark had to find voices for around a dozen different people. I asked him and he said yes, he did the song!

Available for pre-order from Amazon at £20.

Gardens of the Dead

28th January - Big Finish released a new Short Trip adventure read by Mark.

Funny and touching in turns, as Turlough struggles for acceptance in the Tardis whilst coping with problems of his own.

'Full of character... a very interesting story that adds layers of depth to Turlough' - Planet Mondas

In short, this is a quality release. It's a great story for Turlough that examines his place in this new team and does something with it. Production values are typically high thanks to Lisa Bowerman and Steve Foxon and Mark Strickson is faultless throughout. Original, entertaining and thought-provoking, Gardens of the Dead is one of the very best Short Trips yet. Kroagnon

Available as a download only for £2.99 - Click to buy

Longleat '83 The Lost Footage

In January Reeltime released some out-takes from the Longleat '83 (The Greatest Show in the Galaxy?) DVD. Both DVDs include the Davison panel which Mark took part in, here the sound has been cleaned up. Despite the photograph on the cover though there is no new footage of Mark and really the only reason to buy this DVD is if you were there and you want to spot yourself in the background!

January - Mark signed some Topps Trading cards that are coming on the market - being sold by people who were only interested in a couple of the signatures and want to recoup some of the vast cash outlay!

They are interesting in that they are not the standard signature - missing - of course - the tie!

I like to think that as he finished signing each card they had to arm-wrestle the Sharpie off him to prevent him sketching it in, as he must have done thousands of times...

Article from Doctor Who Magazine about the final (sniff) Tardis team adventure trilogy. Click to view!

Turlough on I-Tunes!

Four Turlough stories are available to buy from I-Tunes - either as a full story for £5.99 or £1.89 for individual episodes: here are the links: