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Where's Our Cut?  1980 (Performer/Writer, Mikron Theatre Company, waterways tour)

Mud In Your Eye!  1981 (Mikron, as above)

Skin Of Our Teeth 1984 (Leeds Playhouse, playing Henry)

A Shepherd's Life 1985 (Salisbury Playhouse)

Ghosts 1985 (Salisbury Playhouse and UK tour playing Oswald Alving)

Everyman 1989 (Formed Raw Deal production company and translated play)

Film & Television

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1982  Celebration (Granada TV)

          Strangers (Granada TV) The Lost Chord playing 1st PC.

          Juliet Bravo (BBC) Nothing To Report, Series 3 (Geoff)

          Angels (BBC)  Terry


1983  Doctor Who (BBC) playing Vislor Turlough

          Saturday Superstore (BBC) appearance

          Longleat - appearance at the Doctor Who Celebration (DVD available from Galaxy Four)

1984  Young Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol starring George C Scott - available on DVD and Blue Ray

1985  Looking Back (Channel Four Drama)

          Bergerac (BBC) Low Profile, playing West.

1986  David Copperfield (BBC) playing Markham.

          Strike It Rich (BBC) playing a photographer.

1987  Flying Lady (Yorkshire TV)

1988  Casualty (BBC) Absolution playing a Registrar.

1989  Cassidy, Australian mini-series, playing Dr Donald Simpson

          GP (Australian TV Series)

          Dolphin Bay

1990  The Saint Down Under - Fear in Fun Park/Unreal Estate playing Simon Rawlings

1991 Strepsils advert

         British Airways advert

         Religious affairs programme for ABC Radio

1993  Minder (ITV) For A Few Dollars More playing Swan, an embassy official. 

          Police Rescue (Australian TV Series) playing the head of a drugs squad.

1997  Snakebite!  The Ten Deadliest Snakes (Directed/produced) available on DVD

1998  Deadly Crocodiles (Directed/produced - also a cameo as "the wally fisherman")

          Lust In Space (Galaxy Four/Reeltime DVD) playing a Prosecutor

2001  Advanced Warriors (Film) playing Guardian Force


Mark is also credited on many other documentaries as producer, director or writer, for Partridge Films, NHNZ and other companies.