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Mark Strickson Fan Site

Turlough's Timeline

So, how long would it take you to track Turlough through all his adventures in time and space? Best guess is around sixty hours' worth but time will tell...

  • Mawdryn Undead (TV)
  • Gardens of the Dead (Big Finish Short Trip)
  • Terminus (TV)
  • The Light At The End (Big Finish)
  • Enlightenment (TV)
  • Freakshow (Big Finish)
  • Cobwebs (Big Finish)
  • The Whispering Forest (Big Finish)
  • Cradle of the Snake (Big Finish)
  • Heroes of Sontar (Big Finish)
  • Kiss of Death (Big Finish)
  • Rat Trap (Big Finish)
  • The Emerald Tiger (Big Finish)
  • The Jupiter Conjunction (Big Finish)
  • The Butcher of Brisbane (Big Finish)
  • Eldrad Must Die! (Big Finish)
  • The Lady of Mercia (Big Finish)
  • Prisoners of Fate (Big Finish)
  • Mistfall (Big Finish)
  • Equilibrium (Big Finish)
  • The Entropy Plague (Big Finish)
  • The King's Demons (TV)
  • The Crystal Bucephalus (Novel)
  • The Five Doctors (TV)
  • Ringpullworld (Big Finish)
  • Warriors of the Deep (TV)
  • Deep Blue (Novel)
  • The Awakening (TV)
  • King of Terror (Novel)
  • Frontios (TV)
  • Resurrection of the Daleks (TV)
  • Phantasmagoria (Big Finish)
  • Loups Garoux (Big Finish)
  • Singularity (Big Finish)
  • Lords of the Storm (Novel)
  • Imperial Moon (Novel)
  • Planet of Fire (TV)
  • Turlough and the EarthLink Dilemma (Novel)