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Mark Strickson Fan Site

Filming in a Wildlife Warzone

Posted by Mark on 2nd September 2012

I am sitting writing this, my first post for Destination Content, with somewhat mixed emotions. As a non-Executive Director and advisor to Destination Content I support the team in their travel and tourism based video projects, but my day job sees me travel the world directing and producing large documentary projects for international broadcasters.

My latest project is perhaps as far from the sandy beaches and cool attractions of Destination Content’s work than I could imagine. My cameraman, Stephen and I, from Destination Content’s TV partner company are off to South Africa on September 10th. And, yes you might have guessed we are heading on a safari – but not as you might first think!

It’s a project for Al Jazeera about wildlife crime, currently the second biggest illegal industry in the world after drugs. This is serious stuff. Wildlife crime is a major source of funding for terrorist organisations such as al-Qa’ida. Stephen and I will be working in what can only be described as a ‘wildlife warzone’. Our working gear will be rifle-proof vests and ballistic helmets.

Wish us luck and a safe return!